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ModMii v5.0.0

Wii: Update

XFlak hat ModMii auf Version 5.0.0 aktualisiert.


Download von Modmii.googlecode.com

In dieser version hat sich wieder einiges getan!


  • ModMii’s generated guides are no longer text files; instead they are custom html files viewable in your internet browser. Although none of the softmodding steps actually changed, the guides were rebuilt from the ground up. They now include images, videos, credits, a print button and more. DeadlyFoez played a key role in this update not only by helping come up with the idea but also creating the template for ModMii’s custom guides and recording almost all of the videos and images they use. Within 1.5 weekssince our initial conversation we were able to collaborate and bring the idea to life in time to release it for Christmas. Working together on this was a truly rewarding and fun experience for both of us and we hope it brings a little "Team Your Mom" XMAS cheer to you this year.
  • When accessing the credits from the main menu using "CR" it will open a new browser tab instead of displaying the credits in the main ModMii Window.
  • ModMii Wizard Guides for already modified Wii’s to update the HBC or Bootmii no longer include exploits. Instead, if users cannot load the hackmii installer from the HBC, BootMii or a forwarder channel they are instructed to use ModMii’s HackMii Solutions Guide instead.
  • Added videos to the ModMii Wizard to help users determine their system menu version and Homebrew channel version.
  • When ModMii opens the Letterbomb webpage it also opens a separate panel with an instructional video on finding your MAC address and downloading Letterbomb.
  • Changed how System Menu Theme youtube videos are previewed.
  • Added drag and drop support for ModMii’s sysCheck Updater. Now when users drag and drop their sysCheck logs onto ModMii.exe (or shortcut) ModMii will immediately analyze the log and display a list of required downloads in order to update the softmod.
  • Fixed d2x cIOS v7-final detection when using ModMii’s sysCheck Updater feature.
  • Relaxed serial number length restrictions in emulated NAND builder so US users can use their real serial even if it’s only 11 digits when building non-US NANDs.
  • Updated md5 for re-uploaded nSwitch channel (v4.8.2.1 partial update).
  • Other minor changes.