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Mit CTRTool können 3DS-ROMs manipuliert werden.

Enthalten sind Versionen für Windows, macOS (Apple Silicon und Intel) und Linux.

CTRTool v1.0.2 (C) jakcron
Built: 09:05:23 Mar 29 2022

Usage: ctrtool [options... ] 
  -i, --info         Show file info.
                          This is the default action.
  -p, --plain        Extract data without decrypting.
  -r, --raw          Keep raw data, don't unpack.
  -v, --verbose      Give verbose output.
  -y, --verify       Verify hashes and signatures.
  -d, --dev          Decrypt with development keys instead of retail.
  --titlekey=key     Set tik title key.
  --seeddb=file      Set seeddb for ncch seed crypto.
  --seed=key         Set specific seed for ncch seed crypto.
  --showsyscalls     Show system call names instead of numbers.
  -t, --intype=type  Specify input file type. [cia, tik, tmd, ncsd, ncch, exheader, exefs, romfs, firm, lzss]
                     (only needed when file type isn't detected automatically)
CCI options:
  -n, --ncch=index   Specify NCCH partition index.
  --contents=dir     Specify Contents directory path.
CIA options:
  -n, --ncch=index   Specify NCCH partition index.
  --contents=dir     Specify Contents directory path.
  --certs=file       Specify Certificate chain file path.
  --tik=file         Specify Ticket file path.
  --tmd=file         Specify TMD file path.
  --footer=file      Specify Footer file path.
NCCH options:
  --exheader=file    Specify Extended Header file path.
  --logo=file        Specify Logo file path.
  --plainrgn=file    Specify Plain region file path
  --exefs=file       Specify ExeFS file path.
  --romfs=file       Specify RomFS file path.
EXEFS options:
  --exefsdir=dir     Specify ExeFS directory path.
  --listexefs        List files in ExeFS.
  --decompresscode   Decompress .code section
                     (only needed when using raw ExeFS file)
ROMFS options:
  --romfsdir=dir     Specify RomFS directory path.
  --listromfs        List files in RomFS.
FIRM options:
  --firmdir=dir      Specify Firm directory path.
  --firmtype=type    Specify Firm location type, this determines encryption/signing.
                       - nand: (default) FIRM images installed to internal NAND,
                       - ngc: FIRM images loaded from NTR game card at boot,
                       - nor: FIRM images loaded from WiFi board NOR at boot,
                       - sdmc: FIRM images installed from SD card by FIRM installers (internal dev tool).
LZSS options:
  --lzssout=file     Specify lzss output file
[ctrtool::SettingsInitializer ERROR] Not enough arguments.
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