Autor: person66

Website: GitHub

Letztes Update: 23.06.2016

Lizenz: GPL

Größe: 371 KB

Version: v1.7.3

Mit diesem Kommandozeilen basiertem Tool kann man verschiedenen Dateien patchen und (ent-)packen

Sharpii 1.7.3 - A tool by person66, using libWiiSharp.dll by leathl


       Sharpii [function] [parameters] [-quiet | -q | -lots]


       BNS            Convert a wav to bns, or vice versa
       WAD            Pack/Unpack/Edit a wad file
       TPL            Convert a image to a tpl, or vice versa
       U8             Pack/Unpack a U8 archive
       IOS            Apply various patches to an IOS
       NUSD           Download files from NUS
       SendDol        Send a dol to the HBC over wifi
       SendWad        Send a wad to the HBC over wifi

       NOTE: Too see more detailed descriptions of any of the above,
             use 'Sharpii [function] -h'

  Other Functions:

       Install        Install Sharpii to your computer so you can run
                      it from anywhere without needing the exe
       Uninstall      Uninstall Sharpii from your computer

  Global Arguments:

       -quiet | -q    Try not to display any output
       -lots          Display lots of output


Wii > PC-Tools > Sharpii