Wiimms SZS Tools v0.29a

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools auf Version 0.29a aktualisiert.




szs v0.29a r3515 – 2012-02-28

– KMP/GOBJ @SORT-OBJECTS=mode: The KMP compiler can sort objects in 2 ways.

– KMP/POTI: There are new transformation commands with changed syntax and semantics. They are now identical to the global transformation options.

– KMP/POTI: Command @REVERSE-ORDER reverse the order of points of a route.

– Command 'wkmpt OBJECT –long' lists all needed files for each object.

– Minimal support (detection only) for file type BRASD.

– AUTO-ADD database: Object dependent KCL and BRASD files added. Please redo: "wszst AUTOADD ./path_to/Race/Course/"

– New command: wszst TRACKS: Print a list of all known track SZS files of Mario Kart internal directory './Race/Course'. These files are 32 standard track files, 10 arena files, and 9 other files.

– KMP/CKPT: The KMP compiler is able to make check points visible by using and scaling global objects. The interface has changes to allow different viewing modes (forget the ols settings). See built in help for details.

– New Command: wszst CHECK: Make a validity check for track files: Try to read KMP (and check it) and find unknown, modifed, needed and unneeded files. This command uses a new internal object and file database.

– HINT: Unknown file: This will is not part of any Nintendo track.

– HINT: Additional file: Known file with unknown usage.

– HINT: Modified file: This file is different to Nintendo tracks. + WARNING: Missing file: This file is needed/used (by an object).