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WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools v2.02a

Wii: Update

Wiimm hat seine ISO Tools auf Version 2.02a aktualisiert.




wit v2.02a r3240 – 2011-11-25

– The default output filename for WBFS files changed from "ID6.wbfs" ("%+")
to "TITLE [ID6].wbfs" ("%X").
– The file order for composed files is now Nintendo like.
– If extracting an image, a new files called 'align-files.txt' is created. It
stores information about file alligning. If creating a new image and option
–align-files is set, this file is read to align files, that have a previous
aligning of >=0x8000 (Wii sector size). This fixes the bug for "Super Paper
Mario" and perhaps for some other games.
– wit FILES: If the file list is sorted by offset, than an 'unused' column is
added before the 'offset' column.
– wfuse for Mac is back again. It was lost because non installed FUSE package.

Known bugs:

– There are new problems while reading from non seekable sources (e.g. pipes).
The reason is the complete new and more intelligent wiidisc lib which makes
more lookups ==> The best is to use version 1.01c for pipes.