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Wiimms SZS Tools 0.23a

Wii: Update

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools auf Version 0.23a aktualisiert.




szs v0.23a r3243 – 2011-11-25

– New command: wkmpt CAT: Print decoded KMP files to stdout.

– New option for wkmpt: –generic: Use generic names as references instead
of the names scanned from the source file.

– "wszst DIFF" supports now –recurse and –cut (and –all) to list
differences on sub file level.

– Support of 3D vector variables and parser functions:
– New @DEF* and @GDEF* commands to define variables. The old @NUM, @GNUM,
@INT… are stil possible.
– Parser functions implemented, e.g. sin(x), hRot(pt,deg,[origin]). All
values of all KMP objects can be read by functions.
– New command: wkmpt FUNCTIONS: Print a return type and syntax info about
all parser functions. If –long is set, a little description is added.
The output can be filters by keywords.
– New command: wkmpt CALCULATE: Calculate each expression and print the
result to standard output.

– Tool wstrt can now detect and patch region settings:
– wstrt ANALYZE: If a region patch is detected, a message is printed.
– wstrt PATCH –region=val: Patch a StaticR.rel to the entered region or,
if 'val' is 'RESET', restore it to the original Nintendo values.

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