Crediar hat DIOS-MIOS aktualisiert!

Download von diosmios.googlecode.com

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We are still looking for competent contributors (JPN and 480p results especially) for our compatibility list ( http://crediar.no-ip.com/gc ) Please come to #DM on efnet if you want to help!

IMPORTANT: The config version has been updated to 2! updated DM to version 2.1

*Improved patch code and made it more versatile

*Improved .elf patching code (fixes Nightfire)

*Improved No Disc patching *Added a hack for PSO I&II EUR/USA

*Added the wide screen hack by Extrems

*The NODISC config setting has been removed since it’s been unused since 1.0

*Removed USBGecko debug output

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