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Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9b

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SSF2-LogoWährend alle noch auf das neue Super Smash Bros. warten hat McLeodGaming den Smashbros. Klon Super Smash Flash 2 auf v0.9b aktualisiert! Es hat sich wieder eine Menge getan!


Es gibt jetzt einen Online-Modus! Dazu wird ein McLeodGaming Network Account benötigt – registrieren kann man sich dafür hier! Die Funktionalität wird nach und nach ausgebaut. Auch gibt es jetzt eine Replay-Funktion, damit ihr eure besten Momente noch einmal ansehen könnt! Dieses Feature wird in der Zukunft noch weiter ausgebaut. Im Target Test ist jetzt Level 3 verfügbar, auch gibt es neue Charaktere: Marth, Zero Suit Samus und Chibi-Robo treten Super Smash Flash 2 bei!

Es gibt auch neue Arenen: Die Silph Co. aus Pokémon und Skyward Voyage aus The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Auch gibt es jetzt neue Spezial-Modi. Der Look von Mario und Link wurde überarbeitet Ichigo und Naruto haben einen frischen Anstrich bekommen. Desweiteren wurden Attacken und Effekte überarbeitet. Die Balance bei einigen Charakteren wurde verbessert und viele Fehler behoben.

Pokébälle, Helfertrophäen, Bumper und Explodierende Tags mussten leider deaktiviert werden, diese werden mit einem späteren Patch wieder aktiviert. Außerdem gibt es noch einige weitere Fehler. Näheres dazu im Changelog.


Notable major changes in this version:

  • Online Mode added! Please note that your MGN account must be activated to play online – this will happen sometime over the next week. Don’t have an account yet? Register here! We will be expanding on this barebones functionality later.
  • Replay functionality added! We will be expanding on this in the future.
  • Target Test level 3 added!
  • Marth, Zero Suit Samus, and Chibi-Robo added!
  • Silph. Co and Skyward Voyage added!
  • Special Modes added!
  • Mario and Link have a fresh new look!
  • Ichigo and Naruto have a fresh coat of paint!
  • Global traction fixes!
  • Improved support for sour/sweetspots! Users will see big improvements in aim-based attacks such as CF’s "nipple spike" dair, Zelda’s fair/bair/dair, and more.
  • New hit effects which now rotate and resize based off of knockback.
  • Other new misc. effects (fast fall, shield hit, etc.)
  • Improved egg/frozen effects and mashing calculations
  • Entire roster redone using new development tools
  • SDI distance doubled
  • Forbidden DI is now forbidden
  • Training mode combo counter now includes grabs
  • Sounds can no longer play more than once on the same frame
  • Fixed an issue with knockback staling
  • Fixed an issue with knockback speed calculations using the wrong damage value
  • Added hitlag to wall-bounces
  • Can now c-stick smashes out of crouch
  • Players no longer need to wait 10 frames after hitstun ends to use special attacks
  • Some projectiles inherit the color changes of the character who fired them
  • Projectiles and items can now receive hitlag
  • Fixed Jungle Japes issue where more than one player could enter barrel at once
  • Meteor cancelling is now on frame 9 rather than frame 10
  • Fixed issue dealing with projectiles dying earlier when a character detransforms
  • Ledge actions are no longer affected by wind
  • Sand Ocean track speed now carries over into aerial momentum if players jump
  • Only high-leveled CPUs do advanced mechanics (Fox multishine taunt for example)
  • Can now cancel airdodges into tether attacks
  • Grabbed and pitfallen foes now have heavy armor
  • CPUs understand invincibility
  • Players now receive grab release knockback if an opponent is hit out of their grab/throw
  • Can now do dash attacks with the c-stick
  • The game camera can now follow objects such as Black Mage’s warp and Meteor, and Ness’s PK Thunder.
  • Momentum is reset during star/screen KO’s to prevent lag due to mathematical calculations
  • Homing projectiles (missiles, for example) now switch targets after being reflected
  • Balance changes for the entire cast
  • Sonic side special now works similarly to Wolf in Brawl, but can be angled downward or upward
  • Bomberman’s bomb mechanics have changed significantly.
    • Can now throw bombs upward
    • Can now throw bombs downward while in the air
    • Has jump startup while holding a bomb
    • Can shorthop with a bomb
    • Can no longer double jump while holding a bomb
    • Aerial bomb kick sends bombs at a 50 degree angle.

Minor changes:

  • Improved momentum for Captain Falcon’s up special
  • New Falcon Punch effect!
  • Donkey Kong up special now rises when players mash the special attack button
  • Fixed minor issue with Captain Falcon’s special attacks, causing players to have to wait 2 frames between use
  • Fixed issue with Ness’s PK Thunder causing strange rotation and gravity issues under some circumstances
  • Ness’s up special now does a flip at the end
  • Fixed Sheik’s invisible needles
  • Fox bounces if players land with upB
  • Mega Man’s Black Hole Bomb redone – let go of special attack while it is overlapping an opponent to trap them!
  • TONS more.

This update was over 1600 revisions. Due to time and space constraints, I can not list every change. Rest assured, though, there’s a lot.

Known Issues:

  • Some rare types of connections can never get in-game for Online Mode. This will be remedied in a future patch.
  • When Chibi-Robo throws Samus’s Charge Shot back, it sometimes automatically hurts Samus.
  • When Chibi-Robo throws Samus’s Charge Shot back, it does not return to the size that it initially was.
  • Chibi-Robo’s Pickup can only grab projectiles with an active hitbox.
  • Black Mage’s Flare never finishes foes off.
  • Donkey Kong’s Arcade is not 100% working.
  • Four items are temporarily disabled and will be re-enabled in a later patch:
    • Pokeballs
    • Assist Trophy
    • Bumper
    • Exploding Tag
  • Online Mode Room Hosts must wait for at least one player to join before selecting a stage.
  • Naruto can have infinite up special clones if he does side or down special between uses.
  • Item settings carry into the WiFi Waiting Room
  • Crouching while holding left and right causes Naruto to freak out.
  • Donkey Kong’s forward throw freaks out if you hold jump while landing.
  • Ray Gun does not have an "empty" firing sound
  • Held items are still visible during the "Invisible" special mode
  • Some attacks cause crazy momentum boosts when cancelled during "Turbo" special mode
  • Items and Kirby hats have some rotation issues
  • Mirror Chamber mirrors act weird when they catch invincible foes
  • Mega Man’s aerial Black Hole Bomb is unfinished