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emuiibo v0.6.3
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Emuliert amiibo mittels BIN-Dumps.

Entwickler XorTroll
Dateigröße 799,70 kB
Letztes Update

Emuiibo wurde komplett in Rust neu geschrieben (außer das Overlay) und ist damit stabiler, schneller und kleiner als zuvor! Natürlich wird auch Atmosphère v0.14.4 unterstützt.


* Support for latest Atmosphere (0.14.4), and next releases unless breaking changes are introduced
* emuiibo no longer handles conversion of raw amiibo dumps or old emuiibo formats - only the current format is supported (the one used since 0.5.x)
* Heap size has been considerably reduced (last version used 0x40000, current one only uses 0x4000!) - in addition, the exefs NSP's size has been reduced too, being now 5 times smaller than 0.5.x
* Regarding the known issues with time services and sysmodules, emuiibo no longer makes use of this service to avoid creating more issues, even though this implies that virtual amiibos' "last write date" won't be set when a virtual amiibo is modified - luckily, not emulating this anymore doesn't change anything relevant nor break anything
* emuiibo's IPC interface other processes may use to communicate with it has a minor change - thus, 0.5.x or older overlays WON'T WORK with this version's emuiibo!
* emutool did not change at all

Danke an BaamAlex für den Hinweis!