Lunar Magic v2.53

Lunar Magic IconFuSoYa hat den Super Mario World Level-Editor "Lunar Magic" aktualisiert.


Einige kleinere Fehler wurden behoben und ein paar Funktionen hinzugefügt. So lassen sich jetzt bspw. einfach ROMs und Paletten auf den Editor ziehen, um sie zu öffnen und Level können direkt am Startpunkt geöffnet werden.

Lunar Magic unter Windows


* fixed a bug from 2.40 with ExAnimation on the overworld where if you tried to use multiple slots for the same destination tile to do faster animations, the frames would not always appear in the order you'd expect. Thanks goes out to Noivern for reporting this. 
* if overworld ExAnimation is installed, it will also now fix a small issue present in the original game where the bottom waterfall tile animation would not consistently match up with the main waterfall tile. 
* fixed a glitch in the original game where sprite 52 (moving ledge hole) would appear in the wrong position if placed at the top of a sub-screen. Thanks goes out to Thomas for discovering this, and zacmario for reporting it. 
* fixed a minor issue from 1.70 where the timing of the victory pose at the end of the level didn't really match up to the music in non-SA1 ROMs. 
* corrected info on sprite 45 (directional coin) as it does in fact have a time/coin limit. Thanks goes out to Katerpie for reporting this. 
* replaced some non-standard apostrophe chars in some tooltips in the General Options dialog that could get displayed oddly on non-english systems. Thanks goes out to Akaginite for reporting this. 
* fixed a small issue that's been around forever where using a mouse gesture on a screen exit that goes to a vertical level did not scroll the screen for the corresponding entrance of that level into view. 
* made it possible to use Ctrl+Alt+F7 in level editor for advanced users to edit more local ExAnimation slots by sacrificing global slots (when global animations have been disabled for level/submap). 
* made it possible to use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F8 in overworld editor for advanced users to enable editing more levels and events (the game does not currently support this at the moment, so don't enable it unless you're adding your own ASM for it). 
* added the ability to drag and drop a ROM, mwl, map16, or palette file into the main level editor window to open the file. 
* made it possible to use Alt-Middle click to edit screen exits. 
* added LM_MOUSE_EDIT_SCREEN_EXIT to function names for user toolbars. 
* added an option to open levels at the main level entrance. 
* added an option to pause animations when the program loses focus. 
* added an option to display the ROM file name and path in the main window title bar.