ModMii v4.8.0

XFlak hat den NUS-Auto Downloader ModMii auf Version 4.8.0 aktualisiert.


In dieser Version hat sich wieder einiges geändert. So ist nun ein neues Feature vorhanden, das das Modifizieren von emulierten NANDs erlaubt. Des Weiteren wurden wieder einige Applikationen aktualisiert und hinzugefügt. Auch die Ascii2hex.bat wurde weitere verändert, um Support für weitere Sprachen zu ermöglichen. Einzelheiten und weitere Änderungen kann man im Slide-Changelog nachlesen.



  • New Feature: Emulated NAND Modifer (See ModMii’s SNEEK Menu). You can now use ModMii to modify your existing Emulated NANDs. Add your choice of the following to your Emulated NANDs: Homebrew Filter Channel, cIOS249v14, DML, NMM, Priiloader, JoyFlow, Themes, Wii Channels and a custom folder of WADs. The Emulated NAND Modifer is also able to detect and uninstall Priiloader, DML and NMM. It’s also able to restore the original Wii Theme to Emulated NANDs. If the neek2o option is disabled you can choose to install switch2uneek to Emulated NANDs. When switch2uneek is not selected ModMii will install the nswitch channel if it’s missing from the Emulated NAND. Currently there is not cmd-line mode support for this feature.
  • SD access option now available for neek2o as well as for the original suneek.
  • nswitch channel installed to all emulated nands except when building the original suneek and users have also opted to install switch2uneek.
  • ModMii now uses a different installer for Priiloader v0.7 which instead

    of IOS236 uses davebaol’s solution to the ahbprot connection issue.

  • WiiMod is now used instead of MMM in ModMii Guides. MMM is still available via ModMii’s Download Page 2.
  • Removed a step from the softmod process. IOS236 is now installed as

    part of the Install WADs Step instead of having its own step.

  • Updated Wii Backup Manager to v0.4.4 build 73. Shortcuts to the 64-bit version will be made on 64-bit PCs.
  • Updated JoyFlow to v2.3 which supports the original version of neek AND neek2o.
  • Further modification of Ascii2hex.bat to enhance multi-language support. Thanks to geovalley for his solution to this problem.
  • Lifted regionfirmware restrictions for building emunands with suneek+di.

    Fixed sysCheck Updater to install a clean IOS58 if it’s patched.

  • Added WiiMod and nswitch channel to Download Page 2.
  • In Soviet Russia, ModMii programs you!
  • other minor changes