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RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.4.9

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RiiConnect24 Patcher

Der RiiConnect24 Patcher macht eure Wii oder Wii U fit für den WiiConnect24-Ersatz und sorgt dafür, dass Wii Mail,  sowie diverse Wii-Kanäle wieder funktionieren. Auch kann er WiiWare für Wiimmfi patchen.

Sounds werden jetzt lokal gecached und die SD-Karten-Erkennungen wurde verbessert. Ferner wurden einige Probleme behoben – näheres im Changelog.

* Added language: Chinese (Simplified)
* Added language: Japanese
* Added language: Romanian
* Added language: Turkish
* Sounds will now only download once (or when they're updated) instead of every time the patcher is launched.
* Fixed an issue where a big red error would appear when sounds failed to download or were not present.
* Fixed an issue where you could launch patching without anything selected.
* Fixed an issue where the patcher would set the detected SD Card letter to "0".
* SD Card detection has been improved. (Now requires the SD Card to have a /private/wii and /apps folder)