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Wiimms SZS Tools v1.25a r4715

Wiimm hat seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert.


 - New KMP command for CKPT, ENPT and ITPT: $SPLIT: Split the group into 2 or
   more peaces. See for details.

 - New KMP parameter for ENPT and ITPT: @AUTO-FILL: Add additional points if
   the distance between points is smaller than the defined value.
   See for details.

 - KMP compiler: New snap variant to define x- and y-rotation.
   See for details.

 - Command 'wkmpt COBJECT' accepts now option --kcl-script to filter the
   exported OBJ file.

 - Some small fixes for tool wctct.


Wiimms SZS Tools v1.22a r4602

Wiimm hat seine SZS-Tools aktualisiert.


 - The Windows installer will now force type REG_EXPAND_SZ for path variables.

 - New commmand: wbmgt MIX: Works like CAT, but combines all input files.

 - Exported BMG text files will now show all characters of the Unicode Basic
   Multilingual Plane (BMP; codes <=0xfffd) without escape sequences.

 - Tool wbmgt: Option --single-line supports now 2 levels and option --brief
   3 levels. See and for details.

 - New option: wszst --patch-bmg: Patch BMG sub files directly. There is no
   more need to extract BMG files before patching.

 - New option for tools wszst and wbmgt: --msg=list: If set, the BMG messages
   are filtered by this list. Only enabled messages are exported to the ouput
   BMG file (binary or text).

 - If an archive (SZS,...) is found while reading a BMG file, the archive is
   searched for BMG sub files and found sub files together are used as BMG

 - wstrt can now detect main.dol files and its type (PAL, USA, JAP or KOR).

 - Option --kmp accepts now the keywords 1LAP, 2LPAS ... 9LAPS to modify the
   first byte of KMP/STGI (numer of laps). This first byte has only impact on
   patched main.dol files.

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Wiimms SZS Tools v2.1a r4578

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools aktualisiert!


 - Improved built-in help system. Type e.g. "wszst help help" or visit for details.

 - New keyword for option --kmp: FORCE: Ignore little repairable file structure
   issues on reading KMP files. Works like --force, but only for KMP files.

 - Bug fix: The check for the right position of all KMP sections failed.

 - Optimized handling for SZS sub files with 'out of range offsets'.

 - wszst: Option --auto-add can now be used together with the commands PATCH

 - Bug fix: Wrong calculation of parent directory index in U8 header fixed.
   This bug existed from the beginning of the SZS tools and it seems, that it
   had no impact for running a track or for other tools. However, the positive
   impact is, that the creation of the files Track.szs, Race.szs and the other
   language independent SZS files of MKWii directory './Scene/UI' works now.

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