WiiFlow wird stabil: WiiFlow Mod r646 —> r663

FIX94 macht den WiiFlow stabil! MOD R663 wurde veröffentlicht!



Hey guys, just a new update for you which brings wiiflow to a really stable phase 🙂 Changes from r646 are that the help text from the about text moved to a new 'help' button in the home menu, also the wait message is now changed, the lags in the wait messages are gone, it now runs smooth, also random freezes are fixed on wait message end, the wait message also now takes less memory. The next really cool thing is that background music now finally works perfectly fine, no more missing runs, also the code is smaller and takes less memory using a new search for music files. If you had some strange broken banner sound, that revision should help you as well, crackling etc should be gone. Fixed holding 'b' for source menu, now if you hold 'b' and press the d-pad plus/minus buttons the source menu won’t show up until you release the 'b' button and hold it again with out pressing any other wiimote buttons, now we can hold 'b' for source menu even if wiimote gestures is enabled which means we should be able to remove 'b' on home button and 'b' on mode button. Finally you can install wii games again, sorry that this feature was broken. Also you should be able to install disc 2 of a gamecube game again, codedumps should be gone. Also the homebrew booter now got a higher compatility because of IOS58 and AHBPROT patch, programs like wiimc should work, also programs with linux kernel like the game kobo deluxe should boot without problems now. Oh yea, and fixed wiiflow crash on installing gamecube games with ":" in name, fixed bug wiiflow retries to install a gamecube game which is already installed without possibility to stop it, disable full screen banner in plugin and homebrew coverflow, fixed booting wii games in neek2o mode and last but not least set wiiflow optimize level to -O3, that makes the dol around 4mb, but wiiflow now can use its maximum speed compared to the old dols. That may be not much, but should improve wiiflows general usage alot.


So what to say about this rev, hmm… At first, I hope you can understand there was no release the past 3 weeks, we have alot of problems with memory and wii games/channels, thats why I was trying several things out, that took quite a long time. However, I think I now found a really good and stable solution for those problems, thats also the first change from r615, alot of more stability in wii game and wii channel booting. Also, WiiFlow is now using the new magicwords for priiloader 0.8 beta 4, so we have compatility to exit wiiflow to system menu with priiloader installed. Booting wii games from disc also should work fine again, also if the drive is old enough backup discs should work. Wii games from sd card also should work again, games like black ops also should work again (also multiplayer), cheats for DIOS-MIOS should work again. The cover cache should be ALOT of more stable now, also with over 1000 games it should be no problem to use wiiflow. If you use Devolution in wiiflow, and then exit devolution, it should return to wiiflow and not to the homebrew channel anymore. Also, some wrong effects are changed in the default theme, so all design things should be correct now. The JPG support is heavly improved now, you can use every JPG picture size in wiiflow, no matter what it is, wiiflow will make it to a cover 😛 Everyone who uses a usb gecko to get the debug prints now should get clean and correct ones, they should not be fucked up again. Some more things lol, fixed banner keeps playing on delete game, made the cIOS checks ALOT of faster, also the neek2o boot is alot of faster, added banner sound support for avatar and maybe more games, added looping of banner wav sound files, added support for banners without existing sound and fixed wiiflow reboot crashes after new theme selection.


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