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GCMM 1.1

Wii, Wii: Update

suloku hat GCMM aktualisiert. Für was steht eigentlich GCMM? GameCube Memory Manager? Oder GameCube Memory Card Manager? Dann müsste es aber GCMCM heißen… Ach egal!


[What’s New 1.1 – august 29, 2012 – By suloku]

  • Icon and banner by dronesplitter!
  • Added USB-SD selection in wiimode (only at boot)
  • Added card slot selection (wii mode only)
  • Propper GCI backup and restore. Now GCMM uses card_getstatusex and card_setstatuex, which provide a more 1:1 backup/restore
  • Correctly displaying savegame Date information
  • Savegame information rearranged.

Accepted PlabloACZ and Picachu025 modifications, with the following changes:

  • Tweaked mount function
  • Filenames are no longer prefixed with a number for current sesion. Instead, savegames are suffixed with a number. When backing up a savegame if the same file exists on SD it will be prefixed with a growing number (if savegame_00.gci exists, then it will try savegame_01.gci, savegame_02.gci… and so on)
  • Infinite loop can’t happen when backupping a savegame as in r11 MOD 2.

[What’s New r11 MOD 2 – September 11, 2011 – By Pikachu025]

  • R (GC-Pad) / 1 (Wiimote) now launches a "backup all" mode, where all saves on the memory card are written to the SD card without any user prompts in the meantime.
  • I came across a couple saves that had ridiculous filenames that refused to write to SD, so if the program comes across one of those, it’ll now write them out as "illegal_name" instead of the actual filename.
  • Filenames written to SD are now prefixed with a number, counting up from 1 for every file written during the current session. I added this since I had multiple files that resulted in the same filename.
  • I also added a small check if the file was written correctly. If not, it’ll retry. This probably results in an infinite loop when your SD card doesn’t have enough free space, so ensure that I guess.
  • I also (quite shoddily) edited the image listing all the options to add the new option, it’s ugly but does its job. Feel free to fix, I don’t have Photoshop or anything here.

[What’s New r11 MOD – September 09, 2011 – By PabloACZ]

  • SDGetFileList() function in sdsupp.c updated to reflect the changes in DevKitPPC/libogc from the last three years (diropen, dirnext and dirclose commands were replaced with opendir, readdir and closedir, respectively).
  • Modified the MountCard() function in mcard.c to perform a probe on the GC Memory Card slot, to make sure it was mounted properly.
  • Improved the compatibility with GCS/SAV files with the patch posted by jcwitzel in December 2009 (http://code.google.com/p/gcmm/issues/detail?id=1#c25).
  • The Makefiles were modified to include the zlib in the libraries section. It seems that the latest libFreeType PPC port needs it to work.
  • '""'Hopefully'""' Added compatibility with Official GameCube Memory Cards (see this: http://devkitpro.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/devkitpro?view=revision&revision=4049). According to a friend of mine, it works with a 256 blocks Memory Card.
  • Compiled with DevKitPPC r24, libogc 1.8.8, libfat 1.0.10 and libFreetype 2.4.2


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