Genesis Plus GX v1.7.1

Der Multi SEGA-Emulator hat von EkeEke ein Update erhalten!


* added support for CUE files
* added CD-DA tracks emulation (needs CUE+BIN or ISO+WAV images)
* added CD fader emulation
* added CDD "Fast FW" & "Fast RW" commands emulation
* improved CDD TOC emulation (random freezes in Sonic CD, Switch/Panic, Final Fight CD and probably many others)
* improved PCM chip synchronization with SUB-CPU (missing speeches in Willy Beamish)
* fixed PCM chip emulation (random hangs in Snatcher, missing sound effects in Switch/Panic, Final Fight CD, Wonderdog...)
* fixed Word-RAM memory mode on soft-reset (missing logo gfx effects)
* fixed SUB-CPU access to unused areas when using PC-relative instructions (Final Fight CD first boss random crash)
* fixed CPU idle loop detection on memory mode register access (Pugsy CD first boss slowdown)
* fixed Mode 1 emulation (cartridge boot mode)

* replaced FIR resampler by Blip Buffer for FM resampling
* modified SN76489 core for use of Blip Buffer
* improved PSG & FM chips synchronization using Blip Buffer
* added Game Gear PSG stereo support
* fixed SG-1000 specific PSG noise
* fixed YM2612 LFO AM waveform (California Games surfing event)
* fixed YM2612 phase precision
* minor optimizations to YM2612 core

[Core/Game Gear]
* added support for CJ Elephant Fugitive (recently released by SMS Power)
* added Game Gear extended screen option

* added support for a few recently dumped (but unreleased) games

* improved ROM & CD image file loading
* various code cleanup

* added automatic disc swap feature
* removed automatic frameskipping (no use)
* improved general audio/video sync
* various code cleanup & bugfixes