Lunar Magic v2.43

FuSoYa hat an Weihnachten seinen Super Mario World Level-Editor aktualisiert.


Wenn der Paletten-Editor fokussiert ist, kann nun F3 gedrückt werden, um die Farbe des Pixels unter der Maus in die Zwischenablage zu kopieren. Rückgängig-/Wiederholen-Shortcuts wurden ebenfalls zum Paletten-Editor hinzugefügt und das Aussehen des Sprites 0x7A (Feuerwerk) wurde korrigiert. Ferner wurden eine Bugs gefixt, insbesondere in Bezug auf DPI-Virtualization ab Windows Vista.

Übrigens erschien die erste Version von Lunar Magic im September 2000!

- added a new keyboard shortcut of F3 to the palette editors to allow copying the color of any pixel on the computer screen to the windows clipboard. Note however that the palette editor must have the window focus, and it may not work on all windows or protected media. 
- enabled undo/redo keyboard shortcuts in palette editors. 
- updated filter in Add Objects window for extended object 7F (skull and crossbones) for ghost houses. Thanks goes out to imamelia for reporting this. 
- adjusted the appearance of sprite 0x7A (fireworks) in the editor to match the game. Thanks goes out to Footsteps_of_Coins for reporting this. 
- made it so that if you attempt to go past the min/max level in the level editor, it won't bother with bringing up the save dialog. Thanks goes out to Erik557 for noticing this. 
- saving level 0 or 100 to a different level number will no longer mark half the available secondary entrances as used if the "transfer secondary entrances" option was on. 
- tweaked some code to workaround coordinate rounding issues in Microsoft's DPI virtualization code that can occasionally violate ClipCursor functionality. 
- added "System DPI Aware" option to general options, to avoid DPI virtualization done by Windows Vista and later when possible.