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Pimp my Wii 2.29

Wii: Update

Attila hat Pimpy My Wii auf Version 2.29 geupgradet.


Download der aktuellsten Version


Changelog 2.29
– Updated d2x cIOS to v7. In the mode "Install cIOS", you can now choose to install the versions 6     or 7. In the "test" mode, if you have the v6, your cIOS will be detected as obsolete.
– Added the patch for the support of Korean Wii in the d2x cIOS.
– The txt and csv export now displays the homebrews you have on your sd (in the folder /apps), and their versions (using the meta.xml).
– The export now displays if you have priiloader/preloader installed.
– Fixed the export which might not display the Wii keys.