postLoader v3.59.4

stfour hat, wer hätte es gedacht, den PostLoader zum 4. Mal in dieser Woche aktualisert. Und zwar auf Version 3.59.4.



postLoader 3.59.4

* If you are using wiimote and point outside the tv, the cursor will disappear immediately

* Removed "default" from IOS selection in emunand channels property

* Missing from 3.59.3: AHBPROT is replaced by "+" symbol.

postLoader 3.59.3

* Now if the wiimote point outside the tv, the cursor will softly disappear. It return visible when pointing again or using controller sticks. (thx joostinonline for the idea)

* Changed sneek detection with joostinonline suggested one.

* Remove close button on channels properties

* If user pressed (B) in "Select NAND Source" to close the menu, the path to nand become corrupted

* If someone ( :p ) want postloader to stay always on 249, hexedit postloader .dol file, search for USE_IOS_249=0 and replace with USE_IOS_249=1

* postLoader channel hidden also in realnand and neek.