PostLoader v3.62.0

stfour hat – wer hätte es gedacht – den PostLoader auf Version 3.62.0 aktualisiert.





postLoader 3.62.0

* xml and version updated


postLoader 3.61.2

* Cover textures moved to mem2

* Implemented a threaded cache system for covers. Now there aren’t more pauses on page changes.

* misschan.txt, missgame.txt are now created on root of sd (if present) (now is true)


postLoader 3.61.1

* fixed channel to neek2o execution bug. Thank to AbdallahTerro to help me to track it down.


postLoader 3.61.0

* added page change effect

* dml: added cross checking between sd and usb games. If the game size on sd is different from the same game on usb, game on sd is removed

* changed the way usb device is keeped live.

* background music is now faded out when required.


postLoader 3.60.6

* fixed a free that was referring to mem2 address. This could probabily lead to a code dump when stopping music.


postLoader 3.60.5

* to play mp3, postloader do not use more MP3Player_PlayFile, as seems to hang postloader when multiple disc access are performed (I think disk io ins’t thread safe). The backdrow is a little "hang" when switching songs. This will be fixed in the future.


postLoader 3.60.4

* updated same timings during file copy operations

* added callback support during http download


postLoader 3.60.3

* dml: full auto selection of video mode. Removed manual mode

* dml: Added video mode change if game is ntsc

* postLoader 3.60.2 had wrong internal version


postLoader 3.60.2

* screen saver will hang if covers are on usb

* misschan.txt, missgame.txt are now created on root of sd (if present)


postLoader 3.60.1

* dml: on game never configured postLoader will automatically choose the right video moe (thx FIX94)

* channel browser: updated cover download.

* neek2o can be executed without sd in slot. Even if sd is inside, usb has highter priority. /sneek/kernel.bin must be present on the device (THX obcd!!!!)

* postLoader can now moove its configuration data from sd to usb. ([home]->system option->Move postLoader cfg folder to USB)

* play count for dml should now work (thank joostin)

* readmii.txt updated to v.1.7

* During cover download, misschan.txt and missgame.txt will be created with missing covers

* various bugs fixed, and newer added


postLoader 3.60.0

* n2oswitch erased from project

* old neekbooter becomes forwarder base

* new neekbooter with n2oswitch functionality added, more channel launcher for real nand

* on neek2o r75 (i don’t know the revision where this heppened), the structure of nandcfg.bin file was changed, corrupting postloader behaveur. Updated

* postLoader doesn’t use WII_LaunchTitle to execute channels on real and neek2o. CGT codes should works again in both enviroments.

* New channel launch method, you can choose between "Normal boot method", "Load apploader", "neek2o". For neek2o, read VERY important notice in note


NOTE: How to setup a neek2o nand for real channel launch method

* Use modmii to create a fresh nand. Install only priiloader (required) and if you wish postloader channel. Do not add anything more if you want a fast to boot nand

* name this nand pln2o and put in usb://Nand/pln2o

* Start that nand, configure it (also the network). Install the new neekbooter (required) in priiloader and make priiloader autoboot it (you can use postloader to do that [home]->System options->Install neekbooter.dol in priiloader, when you running in neek2o/pln2o nand)

* postLoader will automatically copy (only one time) your vc/wiiware to pln2o nand and execute it.

* This is a great workaround for WFC games and games that doens’t work in d2x emulation

* THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL, make a backup of your nands before try it.


postLoader 3.59.5

* Fixed a possibile miss/corruption of wiiload header. (thx JoostinOnline)

* Now music is stopped when partition are mounted during wbfs scan, otherwise a code dump will occours…

NOTE: neek2o channel launching mode isn’t yet operative…