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RiiConnect24 IOS-Patcher v1.7

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Der RiiConnect24 IOS-Patcher wurde aktualisiert.


UPDATE: Es gab ein kleines Update, welches die Sprachauswahl deaktiviert und ASCII-Art und eine Fortschrittsleiste hinzufügt.

Auf *nix-Systemen wird jetzt nicht mehr die falsche Shell aufgerufen und das Kopieren auf die SD und Fakesigning wurden behoben. Sharpii ist nun enthalten und generell wurden einige, kleinere Fehler behoben. Näheres im Changelog.


* Added progress bar to downloading (patching) screen.
* Added cool ASCII arts at the IOS Patcher startup. (See screenshot below)
* Changing Languages option has been disabled. HOWEVER You can still access it by using debug menu.
* Will no longer call improper shell on *nix based systems that /bin/sh redirects to other shells.
* Fixed Fakesigning and SD stuff.
* xdelta is suggested to be installed via the appropriate package manager.
* xdelta no longer uses relative path, and must be installed to the $PATH
* Added error message that exits script (partially not fully implemented, I got lazy... ) if necessary files are missing.
* Fixed README.md
* Mac Folder renamed UNIX
* Redundant Linux folder removed
* Removed xdelta binary that would work unreliably on unix based systems
* Included Sharpii.exe.config to avoid error messages about Sharpii Runtime Version

* Windows XP support has been ended. It doesn't mean that you can't use this program but it does mean that we probably won't help you with it. (We may release ESR [Extended Support Release])
* Crashing has been hopefully fixed (again) by using "call" command. [It now really should work]
* Bug fixes
* In the next few updates changing Language "support" will be ended.