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Swiss v0.4 r563

Wii, Wii: Update ,

Es wurden etliche Fixes in Bezug auf das Erzwingen des Videomodus und die UI vorgenommen. Außerdem funktioniert Swiss wieder mit der WODE Jukebox.


Changes by @Extrems:
* Fix Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.
* Add VIConfigure signature for Pikmin.
* Add GX signatures for Mario Power Tennis.
* Rework PAL 60Hz forcing.
* Remove exceptions for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Resident Evil Zero.
* No longer support PAL-M in-game.
* Fix Metroid Prime's screen offset X, screen stretch.
* Add exceptions for F-Zero GX, Super Mario Sunshine and Enter the Matrix.
* Properly resolve branch target.
* Make indirect function matching more robust.
* Use BI2 region code.
* Add disable alpha dithering.
* Allow video format change.
* Replace GXSetCopyFilter.
* Disable vertical filter when appropriate.
* Rework PAL 60Hz fallback.
* Improve PAL 60Hz forcing.
* Support GXAdjustForOverscan B.
* Support GXAdjustForOverscanD.
* Improve PAL 60Hz forcing with field rendering.
* Fix Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.
* Fix video mode switching with read patches.

Changes by @emukidid:
* Avoid excessive heap allocations in the UI thread to fix some stability issues
* Add ARAM dumping
* Fix DVD read issues
* Fix WODE cold boot device hang
* Add WODE extcfg ISO Swiss to the distribution
* Fix WODE reload, dir listing issue, add missing icon
* Fix files without extensions