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USB-Loader GX BETA v3.0 r1198

Wii, Wii: Update

Das USB-Loader GX Team hat den USB-Loader GX aktualisiert!

Der Artikel hier ist sehr beliebt. Er ist jedoch veraltet. Hier gibt’s die neue Version! (Here is the always-up-to-date Site)



  • Added new DIOS MIOS v2.2 update2 NoDisc setting.
  • Fixed Devolution config version number and removed forced Wifi logging setting




  • Added log over WiFi support for Devolution r100+ (always enabled).
  • Added DIOS MIOS 2.2+ support by adding a version selector in global Loader Settings.




  • I Forgot the added file in previous rev.




  • Fixed launching GameCube games from disc with official MIOS
  • Added Forced Language settings for GameCube games when using DM(L)
  • Fixed GameCube games video mode error with DML by removing forced progressive mode when using component cable.
  • Replaced the "Force interlace" by "DML Progressive Patch" (use it ONLY if you don’t
  • see any picture when forcing 480p)
  • Added a setting to choose whether to use MIOS or Devolution for GameCube games.
  • Added support for Devolution:
    •   place Loader.bin from devolution sources in "DEVO Loader Folder".
    •   default folder is sd:/apps/gc_devo/ but you can change it.
    •   You need to use the same folder layout than DIOS MIOS: /games/title [ID6]/game.iso
    •   You need to place the second game disc ISO in the same folder than the first ISO (untested)
  •   The Memory Card Emulation for Devolution can be:
    •       OFF (real Memory Card)
    •       ON  (saved in /apps/gc_devo)
    •       Individual (Saved in the game folder)
  •   Other settings have no effect in Devolution Mode. (no Ocarina/language/video force/etc.)




  • added support for Yaz0 decompression on banners and system menu resources (This is needed by some Custom Wii System Menu Themes like the DarkWii Theme. Hopefully now all System Menu Themes are supported as layout.) (thx darkwii and atymick for the info about the used Yaz0 compression in those themes.)