WiiFlow 3.1 Alpha r418

OverJoy und der ganze Rest haben WiiFlow auf R418 aktualisiert.





* Added DML support
* Re-added IOS selection
* Added yellow and green cover color
* Added cover support for homebrew using icon.png
* Added partial and full save emulation button to global Settings and individual
game settings
* Added dollz support for homebrew
* Added option to disable IOS reload block
* Added force aspect ratio patch
* Added option "update_cache" in GENERAL section, to force cache update at
* Added, removed and fixed some debug messages
* Added custom titles for homebrew
* Added game config button to toggle "custom" setting of channels
* Pressing 'B' on 'config button' will now force a cache update for current view
* Added missing break;’s in UpdateCache function (menu.cpp)
* Added missing stuff for DML update
* Only opening game info menu if gametdb is present
* Added option to disable channel coverflow mode (hidechannel) in GENERAL
in ini
* Fixed nand emulation partition set for d2x v8+
* Fixed wii disc launching for games with IOS58 base
* Fixed gamecube disc launching
* Fixed gamecube disc audio streaming
* Fixed black wii game covers
* Fixed and added lot’s of alternate color cases
* Fixed color type for many games
* Fixed wiimote sync issue
* Fixed source code compiling under linux
* Fixed IOS reloading games
* Fixed a screen issue in menu_about
* Fixed wiiflow cache
* Fixed codedump if title in gametdb is longer than 64 chars
* Fixed wrong titles displayed when updating gametdb
* Fixed other various gametdb bugs
* Fixed crash in WaitMessage (hopefully)
* Fixed cover download crash if no {loc} is in url_full_covers
* Compressed all PNG files
* Updated libpng from 1.2.34 to 1.4.4
* Updated metaphrasis from 0.1.0 to 0.1.2
* Set "partition" option for emu nand to 0 (SD) by default to prevent crashes
* General code clean up and more stability
* Lots of other improvements we forgot to list