Wiimms SZS Tools v0.26a

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools auf Version 0.26a geupdatet.





szs v0.26a r3415 – 2012-02-04

– New general parser functions: dot(), cross(), unit().

– New KMP specific parser functions: enpt$hDir(), enpt$next(), itpt$hDir(),
itpt$next(), stgi$byte().

– An online function reference is also available:
-> http://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/functions#desc

– Bug fix: If scaling, the calculation of column ’scale' of sections ENPT
and ITPT were wrong.

– KMP/STGI table format changed to support 'pole position' and ’narrow'.

– Command FILETYPE: Accept –long to print an additional column with the
decompressed file type.

– wszst EXTRACT supports now –cut and stores the cutted peaces of files
into hidden directories.

– wszst EXTRACT supports extraction of BRRES sub files and all other file
formats, that supports the –cut option.

– New command for all tools: FILEATTRIB: Print out a table with all supported
file types and operations.

– First KCL support:
– New tool: "wkclt" with command DECODE (convert to obj like the
KCLexporter of `blank').
– Tool wszst: If decoding is enabled, convert KCL to an obj file.
– Support for option –cut.

– wkmpt+wbmgt ENCODE: Wrong automatic file extensions fixed.

– New option for all tools: –chdir: Set a new working directory for all
following options, for all parameters and for the execution.