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Wiimm hat seine Tools aktualisiert:

Wiimms SZS Tools v0.32a und Wiimms ISO & WBFS Tool v2.05a

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wit v2.05a r3591 – 2012-04-14

– "wit VERIFY" will now ignore extracted file systems.

– wit –id=…..X: ID change failed if only the sixt character was modified.

– All ID patching options (–id, –disc-id, …) accept now a plus sign '+' as wildcard for multiple '.' to fill the complete entered ID to 4/6 characters.

– The listing command "wit ID6" accepts now all ID patching options to test the effect of them.



szs v0.32a r3593 – 2012-04-14

– Bug fix for option –auto-add: Sometimes a segmentation fault appeared when auto adding a missing subdirectory for a missing file.

– New command: wimgt COPY <source> <dest> Copy and convert source image to dest image. The default destination file format is selected by scanning the file extension of the destination. This is an alternative for the ENCODE and DECODE commands.

– KMP parser: @DEF.ENUM and @GDEF.ENUM define enumerated values.

– KMP parser: @DEF.SHIFT and @GDEF.SHIFT define shifted bit masks.