WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools v2.03a – 2011-12-30

Wiimm hat seine ISO & WBFS Tools auf Version 2.03a aktualisiert.



Windows       Linux i386           Linux x86/x64              Mac OS



wit v2.03a r3309 – 2011-12-30
– wit+wwt SKELETON: Support of GameCube images.
– New command: wwt DUP: Duplicate an existing WBFS to a new file including
block assigning errors. The idea is to have a command, that can duplicate
a defect WBFS for tests.
– Command "wwt DUMP" accept now –show for a fine control of printed data.
The dump may now contain also a usage table and a integrity check report.

– For a long time the code contains a WBFS extension. Now I have ompleted,
enabled and tested it. With this extension the WBFS "free blocks table" is
managed in a total different way:
– WBFS access: While opening a WBFS the free blocks table is ignored.
Instead of using the stored one an internal memory map of used blocks is
built. This needs only a part of a second. Some advantages:
– Errors in the free blocks table are irrelevant.
– Blocks overlaps and invalid block assignings are automatically
detected, reported, and fixed for internal usage.
– If removing a discs with overlaps, the blocks are still marked used.
– Blocks, that are not handled by the free blocks tables (the table is
sometiems to small -> a result of a calculation bug in the original
libwbfs) can be used. If closing, a new and fixed free blocks table
will be written. This makes the whole process compatible to other
WBFS managers and USB loaders.
– wwt ADD: Before adding a disc its size is compared against the free size
of the WBFS. This allows an early "disc full" error message.
– wwt ADD: If adding a disc to a partition a continuous memory block is
searched to minimize the (non existent) fragmentation. This disabled for
WBFS files by default because a file itself can be fragmented.
– wwt ADD+PHANTOM –wbfs-alloc=mode: Set the WBFS block allocation mode.
– The commands "wwt CHECK", "wwt REPAIR" and "wwt EDIT" have been modified
to work with the new interface.