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JKSV 05.20.2020

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Update ,


Speicherdaten-Manager für die Switch. Kann auch den NAND dumpen, das Dateisystem des Speicherstandes durchsuchen, noch nicht installierte Firmware-Updates löschen und den BIS-Speicher durchsuchen.

Diese Version ermöglicht das Löschen von Speicherdaten und das Ändern des JKSV-Verzeichnisses. Der Dumpvorgang lässt sich abbrechen und die Touchscreen-Steuerung wurde entfernt. Mehr im Changelog.


* Hold time for confirmation is shortened. Options are added to completely disable it depending on what you want.
* Minus and ZR are swapped for Options and Extras on the user selection screen
* Exploring the romfs of the title taken over by the homebrew menu is back in the extras menu.
* Save Data can be erased from your system in the title selection screen like in the switch's settings menu. Holding A is required to confirm this.
* A custom path for JKSV can be used by creating a file named jksv_dir.txt in your switch folder and typing the path you want to use. This must end with a /. For example, sdmc:/switch/.JKSV/ will make JKSV use a folder in the switch folder that is hidden from the hbmenu.
* Dump All can now be exited early by holding B until the current file is finished.
* The User selection screen has been changed to only show the maximum number of users instead of the title select's max of 32.
* Certain strings can be translated with en-US.txt in JKSV's romfs. Naming this file trans.txt and placing it in JKSV's working directory will make JKSV load it instead of the default US text by myself. This is not 100% complete yet. Please wait if you're interested in making a translation to be included with JKSV in the future.
* Various new options.
* Touch controls have been removed. Sorry.