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MiiPort v0.1.0

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch: Neu


Ex- und importiert Miis.

Miis lassen sich nun als QR-Code exportieren – dafür müssen sie in das 3DS-Format konvertiert werden, bei dem einige Details gegenüber dem Switch-Format verloren gehen.

* Added QR code generation, so you can export your Miis to any program that reads Mii QRs
* * Note: Miis must be converted to version 3 AKA the 3DS format for this, which supports fewer colors and types of glasses compared to the Switch's format, so this can be a lossy conversion.
* * Thanks to @larsenv and @zrksyd for testing several of my QRs on consoles that I don't have.
* Several small changes, improvements, and bug fixes