ModMii v6.0.3

XFlak hat ModMii auf Version 6.0.3 aktualisiert.


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Changelog v6.0.3:

  • DML support fixed. Thanks to the DML team for the major progress they’ve recently made. If there is anything ModMii can do to support you better please don’t hesitate to message me about it.
  • Removed ModMii’s DML debug mode option as it is now redundant.
  • Updated the cmd line version of theme mii (by scooby74029) to v1.1, System Menu themes are now constructed quicker and random errors are less likely. Thanks scooby!
  • Fixed a minor bug in ModMii Classic’s Options Menu where you could not toggle the play a sound at finish setting. Thanks goes out to JoostinOnline for reporting this bug!
  • Other Minor Changes.