PostLoader v3.65.0

stfour hat den PostLoader (mal wieder) aktualisiert.





postLoader 3.65.0

* dml: added cache… no more wait time. Cache, as usual, must be rebuilt manually (or automatically when install a game from usb to sd or remove a game)

* dml: added an option to remove a game from sd (press [B] on the game)

* dml: some little optimization on ui when searching for games

* priibooterGUI 1.0b: added different way to call HBC


postLoader 3.64.0

* wbfs scanner: again more checking

* neekbooter 1.2: there is an error on neekbooter 1.1. I forgot to delete ’nandpath.bin' on return to menu'.

postLoader 3.63.4

* wbfs scanner: incremented buffer size.

* dml: crosscheck is done only one time per session.


postLoader 3.63.3

* dml: mp3 music is stopped before starting copy a game from usb to sd

* dml: cross checking between sd and usb games fixed.

* wbfs scanner: added some more checking

* wbfs scanner: should be able to keep debug on sd on


postLoader 3.63.2

* Again it seems that mp3 playback can hang postloader in some situations. Added a semaphore for cover cache thread.


postLoader 3.63.1

* neekbooter 1.1: when channel from real nand is executed via neek2o, on "return to menu", /sneek folder return to it’s original state and wii rebooted

* added a new download site for covers


postLoader 3.63.0

* Much better page transition

* Play count should be recorderd now also for dml

* Go To Page works again

* fixed: If your last page is completely full, there will be an empty one created too.

* Much more reliable cover cache system

* Now pl uses nandpath.bin instead of recreate a nandcfg.bin that causes "confusion" to neek2o. Also make backup and restore nandcfg.bin

* Added a confirmation before executing any items

* Corrected an huge memory leak introduced with version 3.61.2 in homebrew mode