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6.1.0 Changelog

  • Letterbomb was replaced by Wilbrand. Wilbrand was created by giantpune and he has given ModMii the unique privilege of being the first to use and share Wilbrand. Wilbrand, named after the inventor of TNT, is a discless Wii Message Board exploit, or "bomb" if you will. ModMii users will no longer need to be instructed to manually download the Letterbomb exploit; instead ModMii will prompt users for their Wii’s unique MAC address and build the exploit on the fly. Unlike Letterbomb, ModMii will only require a wifi connection the first time it constructs the Wilbrand exploit. ModMii will only build the Wilbrand exploit for 4.3 system menu’s; however, Wilbrand is supported on all system menu’s from 3.0 to 4.3. The reason ModMii does not offer Wilbrand exploits for system menu’s 3.0 – 4.2 is because bannerbomb, another discless exploit, can be used instead and it does not require knowing your Wii’s MAC Address. Wilbrand is available on ModMii’s Download Page 2 as well as other wizard\guide functions. A big thank you goes out to giantpune for creating Wilbrand and allowing ModMii to share it with the world.
  • ModMii’s forwarder dol builder and all of ModMii’s supported forwarder channels were updated from v11c to v12 and now support 3TB+ hard drives. Thanks for this goes out to FIX94 and the WiiXplorer team.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes occurred when building an "Advanced cIOS" from ModMii’s Advanced Downloads page. If a new IOS slot was not identified then version number patches were not applied. Thanks to JoostinOnline for spotting and reporting this bug.
  • Fixed rare bug where the wrong guide was generated if installing a custom theme without also using MMM to install at least one WAD.
  • sysCheck updated from 2.1.0.b17 to 2.1.0.b18 on ModMii’s download page 2.
  • WiiFlow-Mod was renamed back to WiiFlow at the request of the WiiFlow team.
  • Other minor changes.


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