Settings Editor GUI v1.6

JoostinOnline hat den Settings Editor GUI auf Version 1.6 aktualisiert.






  • It now uses truetype font instead of bitmap font.
  • You can use your own font with a theme, just put font.ttf in "/ploader/theme/" or "/ploader/SE_theme/"
  • I finally updated the icon. It’s much nicer than the old one.
  • grlib/grrlib has been updated.
  • Pressing HOME now exits without saving.
  • Minor code cleanup

    v1.5 (03/16/12)

  • Updated to work with new motion+ remotes.
  • There is a "Back" button included in the save prompt screen in case you accidentally select Exit to Internet Settings.
  • If Priiloader’s "Autoboot" or "Return to" settings aren’t "System Menu", Exit to Internet Settings will take you to the System Menu.