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NDS-Bootstrap v0.7.1

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Robz8 hat NDS-Bootstrap aktualisiert.


Die meisten DSi-erweiterten Spiele funktionieren nun und ROMs, die kleiner als 16 MB sind, werden jetzt in den RAM geladen. Auch wurde der Wireless-Support gefixt, was bedeutet, dass DS Download Play ab sofort funktioniert – allerdings nur für SDK5-Spiele!

What's new?
* Most DSi-Enhanced games are now supported!
Now you might ask "Why is it called the Ferb-ruary release?".
Well, because Phineas and Ferb: Ride Again is one of the (now) supported DSi-Enhanced games, and also, it's an nds-bootstrap release in February!
* ROM loading from RAM returns! 16MB ROMs or under, will be loaded into RAM.

Bug fix
* Wireless has been fixed! Download Play is confirmed working. Remember, this fix is only for SDK5 games for now.