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Ein Aktivitätslog für die Switch! Zeigt an, wann ein Spiel zuerst, zuletzt, wie oft und für wie lange es insgesamt gespielt wurde.

Entwickler tallbl0nde
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Letztes Update

Graphen und ein Datumswähler wurden hinzugefügt und "Play Sessions" lassen sich anzeigen, welche die Zeitspanne zwischen dem Starten und Schließen eines Spiels anzeigen. Der Nutzer kann geändert werden, ohne die Homebrew zu schließen und wieder zu starten und der Algorithmus für die Spielzeit wurde verbessert. Wie immer wurden auch einige Fehler behoben.


* Graphs have been added to the Recent Activity and Details screens
* * The value labels can be turned off in settings
* A date selector panel has been added so spamming L/R to change date is no longer needed
* 'Replace User Page' will no longer install the forwarder if the .nro is in the incorrect location
* * The expected location of the .nro is now /switch/NX-Activity-Log/NX-Activity-Log.nro
* * This should prevent any related crashes
* Ability to view 'Play Sessions'
* * These are a period of time from when a game was launched to when it was quit (by actually closing not just minimising)
* * The individual events used to calculate all activity can be viewed by selecting a session
* The user can be changed without having to exit the app
* The algorithm for counting play time has been slightly improved
* Removed restriction on available date range
* * This allows for viewing of data in the future/before the Switch was released (due to incorrect time)
* Behind the scenes:
* * Almost all of the codebase has been rewritten
* * The UI has been moved to my own UI library Aether
* * * This has fixed a few UI bugs and should make UI-related changes faster
* A number of bugs fixed, including:
* * A crash after 20 successive launches due to not closing a service
* * A crash due to an incorrect config.ini
* * Random black screen freeze requiring a hard reset
* * Unable to replace user page on SX OS

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