organiz3d-iconRinnegatamante hat dem Datei-Manager "ORGANIZ3D" gleich vier dicke Updates spendiert!


Die Steuerung wurde etwas geändert, auf der Download-Seite findet ihr eine Tabelle. Es kann nun auf EXTDATA zugegriffen werden und Dateien davon gedumpt und wiederhergestellt werden. Außerdem kannst du nun alle Dateien mit einem HEX-Editor ansehen und Icons aus SMDH-Dateien extrahieren. Der Text-Editor wurde überarbeitet, der Touchscreen kann nun verwendet werden und 3DSX-Dateien können nun über NINJHAX geladen werden. Außerdem gibt es nun einen CIA-Build, damit auch Gateway-User Mediendateien abspielen können. Außerdem wurden zahlreiche Bugs gefixt, Details im ziemlich umfangreichen Changelog.



- Solved issues with huge BMPV files. Now every type of BMPV is currectly reproduced.
- Added extdata managing support (list,open with HEX Viewer, dump and restore extdata files)
- Added CIA build (Thanks to Technicmaster0 for basic workaround) with sound support
- Fixxed a bug with touchscreen. Now it fully works.
- Added possibility to extract icons from SMDH files (Left/Right digital pad when SMDH file is opened)
- Added possibility to show infos in SMDH files
- Added possibility to launch 3DSX homebrews (Only for ninjhax users)
- Solved crashes with big images, now they can be loaded and viewed entirely thanks to Circle Pad
- Made 3DS build more lookeable with proper banner and icon
- Solved a bug which obscurate first item of the listed directory in some cases
- Added Rename function for files and directories (B button)
- Now multimedia files can be stopped and resumed with left and right digital pads
- Added Theme system to filebrowser with two themes as samples.
- Solved alpha blending. Now is correctly calculated alpha channel for images.

- Solved a bug with BMPVs and GW users. Now BMPV files are playable also with a Gateway.
- Now customization for the browser can be made editing CONFIG.txt file
- Added Copy function for files and directories (R button)
- Removed hidden screenshot function when pressing L button (It was used for Debug)
- Now TXT files can be scrolled with Left and Right digital pad
- Added an HEX Viewer to usable file opening mode
- Added possibility to open every file as any type of file (independently from its file format)
- Solved a minor bug which causes crashes with Text Reader
- Added a security check to Delete function

- Improved Text Reader: Now is full screen and correctly recognize \n (New Lines) characters
- Added color configuration in "index.lua"
- Added background support (Put your background as "bg.bmp")
- Little speedup for the homebrew
- Improved filebrowser skin
- Added touchscreen support
- Solved bug which causes crash after opening few times different directories

- Solved bug which prevents to delete not empty folders
- Added possibility to return back between folders with SELECT button
- Inverted X and Y buttons functions
- Solved flickering screen bug with TXT files
- Solved flickering images/videos when you attempt to open another image/video