Switch Theme Injector v4.6.1 & NXThemes Installer v2.6.1

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Mit diesem praktischen PC-Tool lassen sich eigene Themes für die Nintendo Switch erstellen.

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Installiert Custom-Themes für die Nintendo Switch ("NXTheme"-Dateien).

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Atmosphère v0.19.0 wird unterstützt und der Support für ältere AMS-Versionen fällt weg.

* Support for atmosphere 0.19
* * Atmosphere now ships without a contents folder and that causes the previous versions to enable compatibility mode and create a titles folder in the /atmosphere directory. If you used previous releases of the theme installer you can safely delete that folder.
* * Support for the titles folder when running atmosphere has been dropped. If you happen to use ancient atmosphere versions (<= 0.10.0) please upgrade your cfw.
* Various fixes in json handling in the theme injector

About the home menu it wasn't update with firmware 12.0, you current themes and existing patches should work fine.