SysCheck HacksDen Edition v2.1.0

syscheckhacksdenJoostinOnline hat seine Modifikation des SysChecks released! Diese beinhaltet Verbesserungen bei der Erkennung des Homebrewkanals und des Homebrew Filters. Außerdem wurden einige andere Dinge gefixt.




- Fixed HBC 1.1.x detection for languages other than English
 - Fixed HBF detection for languages other than English, and removed German message if it doesn't exist
- Fixed compile warnings
- Added support for proper display in Windows Notepad
- Fixed format of meta.xml file
- Updated libCheckRegion so that it supports new Wii and vWii regions
- Fixed Region report for the vWii
- Added check for Shop Channel Country
- Improved code readability
- Support for custom 4.1 System Menu versions (544xx)
- Changed the background and icon
- Changed the English date format to MM/DD/YYYY because that's how it's used in conversation
- Other minor changes