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Universal-Updater v3.2.6

3DS, 3DS: Update


Einfache Installation und Aktualisierung diverser 3DS-Homebrews.

Die Download-Liste wird nun ohne Beobachtung der Groß- und Kleinschreibung sortiert. Hinzugefügt wurde auch ein WLAN-Symbol, welches die Signalstärke anzeigt. Weitere Bugfixes findet ihr im Changelog.


* Added an indicator for your Wi-Fi strength and if you're connected
* The download list is now sorted case insensitively such that the [nightly] versions always appear below the normal versions now
* Added an option to automatically update to the latest nightly version of Universal-Updater instead of just stable releases
* Added Ryukuan translation
* Removed the message variable from scripts, allowing for translations and smaller file sizes
* The rmdir action will now fail silently if not required and the folder doesn't exist, allowing to ensure a folder doesn't exist without having to ensure it exists first
* Fixed not scrolling in the Get UniStore list
** Previously the Wordle DS Mods UniStore was in the list, but it wouldn't scroll when you moved down to it
* Fixed some settings strings not having ellipses when they should

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