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USB-Loader GX Beta r1208

vWii, Wii, Wii: Update

Na kommt Leute, rennt uns wieder die Server ein, denn das USB-Loader GX Team hat eine neue Beta des beliebten USB-Loader GX bereitgestellt!


Tauscht einfach die ".dol" aus dem Packet (z.B. vom IOS249) mit der des USB-Loader GX Final!


* Fixed GameCube multiDisc installation.
* Fixed progress window not hiding if Wiiload didn’t send the file.
* Simplify HBC loading logic.
* Added a warning when trying to launch a Wii game with a non-d2x
cIOS if EmuNAND is enabled.
* Fixed individual game settings to allow modification of the EmuNAND
settings based on the game’s IOS instead of global IOS.
* Added back cIOS rev17-21 support for EmuNAND Channel. issue 2152
(Thanks to Garfunkiel for the patch and to Themanuel
for all the tests with game compatibility and partition detection)
This hidden feature is unlocked only if all the user’s setup
is compatible with rev17-21:
EmuNAND Channel path must be on the root of the first FAT32
partition on a 512 bytes/sector device.
* DML: Changed the GameCube Multi-discs prompt logic to display
on older DIOS MIOS (Lite) versions too.
* DML: Added a partition type verification to warn the user
if the HDD is not correctly setup.