WiiFlow Mod r615

FIX94 war aber wieder fix (:P): Er hat die Modifikation des WiiFlow aktualisiert! Ich hätte alles in eine News pressen sollen…


I was not sure if I should make a new release this week, since we’ve added alot of things, some not really tested, but I just decided to make it because we fixed enough bugs 😛 The first big difference from r590 is support for older cIOS, you can now boot wii games with hermes and waninkokos cIOS again, also wiiflow should run with them instead of d2x only, emu nand and save emulation is d2x only still. Wiiflow now got stub IOS detection so it will not make some mistake and tries to start with a stub IOS. The next thing is .jpg file support, now covers dont need to be .png only, you just should make sure the width and height are divisible with 4, so dont open up bugs with covers are not showing if it is 1090×680, just take a calculator and do 1090/4, gotcha? 😛 Next thing is you now can boot channels via neek2o (r90+ required), that means you dont need to boot your neek2o setup to go into wiiflow neek mode, it should now work directly from real nand (enable Launch Title with neek2o in the game settings for it), that is not very well tested, so maybe if it doesnt work try it in the next release. Also, the Devolution support is better, you can also start two disc games now, just place the second ISO into the folder of the first and rename it to gam1.iso. WiiFlow also got a new wait animation, if you dont like it got to gbatemp.net wii tutorials section and check out the tutorial on how to change the animation by yourself. The AUTO IOS selection changed a bit, it will now just use the currently loaded IOS if the game does not request IOS57. To the main bugfixes, Wii and GameCube booting should work way better now (especially with Devolution), there was a fatal bug in setting video mode which may gave you no signal messages, also homebrew booting had a major bug, that is fixed now, Homebrew/Plugins should work way better than with r590. The background music problems should be gone for everyone now, I know it was sometimes missing, that should not happen at all anymore, no matter how much things you use. A bug with WBFS partitions is fixed as well, it started the games on the wrong way from it, d2x did not care about it, but older cIOS like waninkoko r17 do. WiiFlow got a better HDD Compatility now, as well as (currently not used) USB Port 1 support. The support for DIOS-MIOS 2.1 is added now, dm_r2.1+ in wiiflow.ini DML section (enabled by default), so you can now enable the new widescreen patch, the option is added to the game settings. Some unneeded code lines are removed, debug messages are improved/corrected, and other minor bugs are fixed.


Quelle: GoogleCode