PostLoader v3 b27 ———–> v3 b42

stfour hat den PostLoader aktualisiert. Nach unserem letzten Update macht das 15 Versionen unterschied!

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postLoader 4.b42

* fixed covers for channel browser (thx daxtsu)

postLoader 4.b41

* Added support for DM2.2 (previous versions of DM are no more supported)
* Removed "DM(L): Video mode" when in devolution mode
* Devolution: added video configuration like the sample loader
* plugin.con and icons are now in the separated plugin package (actually v3)
* fixed a crash when the stub is dumped the first time
postLoader 4.b40
* better stub handling (postloader forwarder channel is now required to go back to postloader)
* gamecube games browsing is now fixed
* fixed the crash on exit of some homebrews
postLoader 4.b39

* corrected iso names in devolution mode (thx daxtsu)
postLoader 4.b38

* postLoader will now ask to dump your hbc stub. This is required one. You
cannot do this in neek2o, as postloader must be executed by hbc to save the
* corrected font size on some menu

postLoader 4.b37

* di, corrected a return value checking for gamecube/wii disc
* updated usbstorage to latest used in usbloaderGX/wiiflow (still postloader has
problems running with ciosx v9)
* devolution has problems with FIX94 stub, like the old stub postloader was
using (take from priiloader). Using the stub from hbc1.1.0 it works as should.
This is a temporaly solution.
* support for gc games in /games/<filename>.iso (only in devolution mode). A
game rebuild is required when changing mode. This is done automatically
postLoader 4.b36

* Adopted stub by FIX94
* Before devo is executed, stub is updated even if "Patch stub and use return to
HBC method" is not active
* code clean
* Corrected online menu font size
* fixed sorting issues in homebrew browser
* di module should now support gamecube retail disk

(note that you have to comment #define DOLPHINE in globals.h to make a working
postLoader 4.b35

* added support to Devolution. (thx to tueidj (sample loader) / fix94 (wiiflow
implementation) / daxtsu-wever-gartmiusprime (testing))
  > loader.bin must be copied in /ploader/plugins.
  > images must be in /games/<what you want>/game.iso (like dml).
  > postloader will check if a gc memory card is present, if no, emulated one is
* emu filters shown now only plugins with associated roms
* up to 16536 roms can be browsed (even if I think is a crazy number, but until
ram is available....)
* adjusted roms structure (about 192Kb are saved).
* "go to page" adjusted to be able to manage all that roms (kuwanger)
* added mutex on covercache_get. This may have solved postloader random hang
* added better and faster control for missing covers, so covercache thread don't
need to check for them.
* new case insensitive strstr. This give a general speedup to postloader
* code clean
postLoader 4.b34

* increased the buffer for filter menu (thx kuwanger)
* now postLoader uses single or double fb as required
* performed a lot of code clean (thx kuwanger)
* it seems that b34 has stopped to randomly hang
postLoader 4.b33

* wiiload (network) has been rearranged to allow file of (almost) any dimension
to be transferred. Now sd or usb dev are used to bufferize the transfer. With a
slow sd based setup (/ploader folder on sd), some dalays are possibile.
* wiiload accepts wads files via wiiload protocol. If a wad is send to
postloader, postloader will move it to sd://wad (or usb://wad if sd is not
* wiiload is now compatible with TransmitMii 1.3.
* To send large wads, person66's sharpii is required (in dol mode,
* during wiiload self update a wait panel is now shown
* covercache, added a cache for not existing items. This should allow much less
access to devices.
* covercache has variable thread priority
* fixed a memory leak in ttf font managment
* better checking of ttf wide chars coversion
* back to double buffered fb as there where artefacts during page change
* smoother page change effect
postLoader 4.b32

* emu default icons can now be added to theme. If they are not present, standard
one are used
* corrected a little issue when applying background tiles using themes
* fixed fonts for homebrew app menu (thx gl1mml1ng)
* semplified render process. Now only one fb is used.
* increased covercache items
* under neek gc and wii games are no more mixed in wii games view (thx etheboss
for your diconfig.bin)
* added support for emulators icon (check holoDark2 theme on googlecode, thx
postLoader 4.b31

* screensaver will play also emu covers
* added a timeout on covercache thread stop
* postloader icons can be loaded from themes... check holoDark theme
postLoader 4.b30

* solved some issue with fonts
* now fonts have correct proportions
* smoother wiimote ir pointer movement during page tranitions
* now focus over icons can be gained even when botombar and topbar are
* moved and reduced in size the text for emulators icon.
* new emu icons for roms without cover, with the space for the text
* new small font for emu icon text and filter selection. Let me know if it is
* added in support for Parental Controls on hidden homebrew apps, games,
channels, and emulators (thx daxtsu)
* chenged the way usb is mounted in (s/n)neek(2o)
* corrected daxsu to daxtsu :P ;)
postLoader 4.b29

* fixed all issues with supported controller (and extensions). Repeat should
work fine for all...
* corrected a dump after the last song (thx Geren)
* adotped plugin.conf by wever ;) (but renamed wiimednafen-mod3 to
* added emuicons for roms without cover (see plugin.conf). Covers height and
width must be divisible by 4
* corrected displaying of hidden games
postLoader 4.b28

* removed crosscheck of dml for sd games. This will give a great speedup for fst
games scan, but will not check consistency from game on usb and the same on sd.
(thx FIX94 for pointing that)
* removed an useless space check during dml scanner
* corrected autorepeat for wiimote keys (you can now keep +/- pressed to change
* fixed classic controllers button and key repeat (thx daxtu!)
* added DML1.x and DM2.x cheats support (thx daxtu)
* removed source path from emulators filters (thx wever)
* corrected DM2.x game search (games on both sd and usb where not listed) (thx
* remove bottom bar neek icon when postloader is already running in neek (thx
* corrected gamecube game section under neek

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