Wiimms SZS Tools v0.40a

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools aktualisiert-





Quelle: szs.wiimm.de

 - Windows version only: Update to Cygwin DLL 1.7.15-1

 - The KCL obj export will now create a material file with adequate colors.
   To disable materials support, use "--kcl -mtl".

 - KCL flag scanning: Some 3D tools use the generic suffix '_number' in goup
   names. This may result in a conflict with the automatic detection of KCL
   flags. Not only therefor, the interface has changed:
    - If creating an OBJ file, '_Fxxxx' (literal '_F' and 4 hex digits)
      instead of '_xxxx' is now appended to the group names.
    - If scanning a groupname, '_Fxxxx' is always accepted as flag value.
    - The old way to detect flag values is now disabled by default, but can be
      enabled by different --kcl keywords: 'HEX4' enables '_ffff' (flag),
      'HEX23' enables '_tt_vvv' (type and variant) and 'HEX' enables both.
    - The flag file may define HEX4 and/ot HEX23 to 0 (disable) or 1 (enable)
      to override the defaults set by option --kcl.
    - For all groups with unknown flag assignments, the unusal values 0xFFE0,
      0xFFC0, 0xFFA0 and so on (all type 0x00 (road), each 0x20 lower) are
      used in this order. This makes the groups discriminable in the KCL.
    - The default extension of the flag file is now '.flag' and not longer
      '.flag.txt'. If scanning both files are searched.
    - The new option --flag-file=path overrides the default search for a flag
      definitions file while scanning OBJ files.
    - New command "wkclt CFF" will create a flag file with all group names
      as template.

 - If scanning a OBJ file, faces (polygons) with up to 50 vertices in a plane
   are supported. Polygons with N>3 are split into adequate triangles.

 - The user interface of the parser function tri$create() has changed to
   allow the definition of polygons with any number of verteces.

 - Bug fix: The naming of some parser functions were wrong: ptInCube*() are
   renamed to ptInCuboid*(). The obsolete old names are allowed for a while.

 - New command: wkclt CHECK: Run a KCL check and return 'DIFFER' as exit
   status if any KCL error found.

 - The KCL creation is now included into the SZS creator: Touched OBJ files
   will now converted to KCL automatically if creating a SZS file.