Wiimms SZS Tools v1.02a r3992

Wiimm hat seine SZS Tools aktualisiert!

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– KCL: Detect invalid triangles (e.g. length=0) on OBJ import.
– Option –kcl: There are now 2 groups of removing commands:

– 'DROP*' drop unused, invalid or fixed triangles (bad triangles). – 'RM*' remove triangles with special characteristics. At this moment RM-FACEDOWN is the only command of the 'RM*' class: It will remove all face down drivable triangles to avoid KCL glitches.
– File DB: Sub files 'kinoko_*.kcl' are now assigned to object group 'kinoko'.
– Update of the KMP Object database.


Quelle: SZS.Wiimm.de