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Wiimms SZS Tools v2.03a r7854

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Wiimms SZS Tools

Wiimms SZS Tools sind eine Ansammlung an Kommandozeilen-Tools zum Manipulieren von Dateiformaten primär für Mario Kart Wii.

Die Neuerungen findet ihr wie immer im Changelog.

- Command wszst CHECK: Hints about special files in subdirectory ./Common/.
- Command wszst/wkmpt CHECK: Hints about special GOBJ settings, that are recognized by LE-CODE only.
- Bug fix for wszst ANALYZE --json: Object names are enclosed by quotes now.
- New option: --macro-bmg=file: Load a BMG file and add or overwrite the messages to the macro library. The macro library is accessed by escape sequence \m{MID} as fallback.
- New escape sequence for BMG text files: \M{a,b,...}: Each parameter is interpreted as message id. If a message with given ID is defined by the macro library, then insert the text of the message.
- New command: wkmpt KTPT: Analyse the start positions (KMP:KTPT) and lap counters (KMP:CKPT) and print a simple information list. Use enemy points (KMP:ENPT) to find recommendations. This command is dedicated to LE-CODE, which supports an alternative position for the finish line at the minimap.
- New patch option for wszst and wkmpt: --ktpt2=vector
  Insert or replace a second KTPT. Use VECTOR as new position. Then find nearest lap counter (CKPT with mode 0) and adjust position and direction.