Wiimms SZS Tools v2.08a r7979

Wiimms SZS Tools sind eine Ansammlung an Kommandozeilen-Tools zum Manipulieren von Dateiformaten primär für Mario Kart Wii.

Entwickler Wiimm
Dateigröße ~9 - 13 MB
* BMG: Encoding of types CP1252, UTF-16be, Shift-JIS and UTF-8 are fully supported now.
* New command: wbmgt SLOTS source...: Print a slot ordered list with slot number, message id, delta and attributes.
* BMG supports predifined slots now. These slot assignments are detected automatically while reading binary BMG files. Slot assignments are saved to and scanned from BMG text files.
* BMG text files: Each message ID can be followed by '@SLOT' to force a slot number for the message.
* BMG: Unknown sections are stored as hex dumps into BMG text files. The hex dumps can be edited and are scanned on reading. Each section is started by parameter "@SECTION NAME".
* BMG section INF1: Maximum attribute length increased from 32 to 40 bytes.