Anemone3DS v2.0.1

Astronautlevel2 patcht Anemone3DS nach.


Wenn Shuffle-Themes installiert werden, kann jetzt zwei Mal B auf einem Theme gedrückt werden, um es ohne Hintergrundmusik zu installieren. Außerdem wurden einige Abstürze und kleinere Fehler behoben.

* Fix use after free in the QR reader which could cause crashes
* Fix bug not letting you start the QR reader after previewing a theme
* Fix a number of crashes related to BGM preview
* Disable home button to prevent issues with themes not being properly applied (instead press START and then HOME to ensure everything is saved properly)

New/changed features:
* You can now choose specific themes to not have BGM when doing a shuffle install (press B twice on the theme when queueing)
* No-BGM install has had its behaviour changed. No-BGM now makes the BGM silent. Use BGM-Only install to replicate the old behaviour of No-BGM.
* Loading bar added when downloading themes (either from browser or QR) and when doing the initial load.