Devolution r157

tueidj hat den Gamecube Backup Loader "Devolution"aktualisiert!


r157 ("Tony Hawk is a Corporate Whore")

  • fix missing sound effects in WaveRace
  • add workaround for random lockups in Super Mario Sunshine
  • fix audio on Zelda OoT/Master Quest menu
  • fix Jedi Knight 2 crashes/audio
  • use TCP_NODELAY on both ends of the modem emulation sockets to slightly reduce lag
  • fix missing audio for WTA Tour Tennis
  • fix XIII missing audio and freezing
  • fix NFL Street 2 freezing
  • fix Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland crash when attempting to store non-existent memory
  • fix crash in Tony Hawk’s Underground
  • fix crash in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2
  • fix crash in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4
  • fix freeze in DDR Mario Mix
  • abort retrying to send a byte over USBGecko after several seconds
  • don’t execute USB HDD watchdog function if it’s already in progress



  • fix Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles audio
  • fix Nicktoons Unite crash
  • fix Sega Soccer Slam audio patch for US version
  • fix Lego Star Wars regression
  • add workaround for buggy AX initialization in Pokemon Box that causes a DSI
  • fix Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu crash and audio
  • fix GUN crash and audio
  • fix GXSetVAT patch regression (Wind Waker and Smuggler’s Run)
  • fix FIFA 07 crash