DIOS-MIOS Booter r25 —> r26

FIX94 hat den DIOS-MIOS Booter aktualisiert.

[dl url="https://static.wiidatabase.de/DIOS-MIOS-Booter.7z" title="Download" desc="DIOS-MIOS Booter"]



-looks like svn just ignored the included lib :P


-changed pretty much the whole code, cleaned it up and made
it faster, more structured
-fixed codedump on sd to usb device change
-added proper license headers to code
-included libfat now into source, using libcustomfat from gx
-using another devicemounter code now, based on wiiflows and
gx one
-using memory code of wiiflow instead of default libogc one
-dont deinit usb device on unmount (dios-mios should hook up
the device much faster now)

Quelle: GoogleCode