Genesis Plus GX v1.7.2

EkeEke hat "Genesis Plus GX" aktualisiert!



  • added default TOC for Shadow of the Beast II (prevent hangs when audio tracks are missing)
  • fixed CD-DA fader muting
  • fixed PCM channels panning on reset
  • fixed backup RAM file management when using disc swap with Mode 1 cartridge
  • incremented CD drive read latency: fixes Space Adventure Cobra (freeze when opening coffin at 2nd morgue scene)
  • improved CDD emulation accuracy: fixes Snatcher (freeze at the end of Act 2) & various CD player bugs
  • improved MAIN-SUB memory map mirroring in SCD mode (verified on real hardware by Charles McDonald)
  • implemented cycle-accurate "stopwatch" register emulation


  • fixed broken PSG noise frequency
  • fixed incorrect Game Gear PSG stereo emulation
  • implemented cycle-accurate Game Gear PSG stereo


  • fixed broken VDP DMA from SVP ROM latency (graphic errors in Virtua Racing)


  • added Super Mario World 64 (unlicensed) cartridge hardware emulation


  • added automatic detection for CD games with Justifier/Menacer support
  • improved Justifier/Menacer emulation


  • fixed screen rendering when borders are disabled
  • added configurable on-screen CD leds


  • DVD light now indicates when virtual CD tray is open
  • fixed automatic input settings detection
  • improved lightgun cross-hair positioning